An Unapparelled Partnership Serving Employers in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin 

As an employer offering employer-sponsored health care you are again facing a plan renewal increase that seems uncontrollable. You’ve been told for years that the only way to avoid the increases are to raise your deductibles and shift more of the cost to your employees. That’s health care’s big lie. We can prove it.
Don Daniels has spent the past 30 years of his 41-year career as a Chief Operating Officer in the local hospital environment. He is an expert in all aspects of health care delivery including clinical operations, hospital administration, and provider financial negotiations. His knowledge of how the “health system” works is unequalled.
Terry Shook spent 20 years of his 42-year employee benefits career as an Executive with Illinois’ largest health insurance carrier. Much of that time was spent leading the sales and account management division for all of Northern Illinois. He also led strategies in market development, group Medicare, and small group platform technology. He now focuses on using his experience and insight to create a financial advantage for the employer instead of the carrier.
Daniels and Shook have formed a partnership that brings an unprecedented view of both how health care is delivered and how it is paid for. They can provide employers with an unmatched inside view of the complex health care system and provide a strategy that allows employers to take back control of uncontrolled benefit plan costs. Simply put, it doesn't matter whether you employ 2 or 2,000. They will show you how to reduce your health plan spend and improve your benefits at the same time. In fact, they guarantee it. Call Don at (815) 209-8711 or Terry at (815) 742-2066 to set up a no obligation conversation to learn how their approach is superior to the status quo. 

You owe it to your company to "Dare to See Things Differently"