Business Risk Management

The basis of an effective Business Insurance strategy is being able to assess and control the various types of risk prevalent in your business. When it comes to evaluating risk and protecting your business, we’ll provide you access to risk control consultants that consider the size and nature of your business and offer suggestions to help you reduce business risk and improve employee safety. We will take your unique business risks into account and work with you and your employees to make sure you have access to proper safety training and materials to operate your business safely and effectively.

You’ll have complimentary access to programs such as:

Risk Control and Services Programs to help you identify ways that could reduce expenses and assist you with your safety efforts. Risk control consultants will offer guidance so you can develop customized plans in order to help reduce hazards and create a safer workplace.
Safety Training Program support specific to your business. Depending on the needs and preferences for your business and employees, our risk control consultants can help you facilitate face-to-face training programs such as the 10-Hour OSHA Training Modules for Construction and General Industry and suggest online training resources for you and your employees.
Claims Analysis Reporting to track and organize your claims activity. We can meet with you to review your claims information and help you identify measures that you may be able to implement so you may reduce the frequency and severity of claims. 
Commercial Fleet Management using Telematics to assist you with your fleet management program so that you can effectively manage your fleet risk and help maintain competitive insurance costs.
Workers Comp Claims Analysis and Trending tools for forecasting future mod factors for Workers Compensation rates.
Infrared (IR) Thermographic Surveys to help identify trouble spots in electrical equipment and systems. These trouble spots, if undetected, could result in a fire that may lead to injury, loss of life, property damage or income loss.
Industrial hygiene and occupational health services including assessments, evaluations, investigations, monitoring, and recommending controls for exposure to hazardous materials, noise, physical agents, and other occupational health hazards.
Disaster Planning and Recovery–to assist with emergency preparedness and response planning as well as business continuity planning to help you prepare and recover from natural disasters and other catastrophic causes of loss.
Annual Account Review Meeting with our risk control consultants to address your insurance needs and concerns. The meeting and review are specifically tailored to your business. 

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