So, you (barely) survived your health plan renewal. Now what?

You're happy you got through the complications and so-called negotiations of your health plan renewal. But as usual you're not too pleased with the final result. Like most employers trying to deal with the "system", your 2023 rates went up much higher than inflation, and certainly higher than you could increase employee salaries. That means your renewal (like it does every year) took a bigger chunk out of your bottom line and your employees' paychecks. When will this end? When you call us to learn how you can cut your costs by a third and eliminate employee out-of-pocket costs on most planned health services. This is not an overstatement. But you probably won't hear about it from your big insurance carrier, TPA, or broker because it requires total transparency about Carrier and TPA hidden charges and broker's total commissions. It also requires expert plan support like medical professionals who guide your employees and families to the best quality doctors and hospitals for the best outcomes at the lowest cost. Your big insurance carrier or TPA can't do this because they sign contracts with networks that prohibit them from patient steerage. This is just one example of how the health care "system" is stacked against you.
But there is something you can do about it if you just Dare to See Things Differently. And NOW is the time- long before you have to start worrying again about your next renewal. If you wait until then you'll see another large rate increase, when it's too late.  Schedule a brief conversation with us now that will help you explore how to get off the annual renewal increase Merry-Go-Round. renewal increase.