Understand What You're Up Against

Nearly 160 million people in this country rely on securing their health insurance from employers like you. The cost of providing that coverage has increased almost 55% in the last decade. Your ability to increase employee wages has only increased 31%, and inflation has only increased 23% during the same time. Plan Deductibles have increased almost 70% with the average family deductible now over $3,000. Yet the average American family has less than $1,000 saved for medical expenses. This increased cost of health care means that your employees have less “take-home” income than they did 10 years ago. And you're spending more on payroll than ever, with almost all of the increase going to health care costs. How much longer can you continue to absorb the cost increases without looking for viable alternatives to the status quo of the current system?
Why does the current health system make us purchase health care services without knowing the price or the quality of the service? What other product or service for your business do you agree to price and quality after you made the purchase?
Why is it that every year you have to accept a health plan increase despite the fact that there is only a negligible increase in medical costs? Wasn’t the Affordable Care Act supposed to protect you with the Minimum Loss Ratio rules? Those rules require that 80 – 85% of your premiums have to go for claims and the insurance companies can only keep 15 – 20% for their operating expenses and profit. If your claims costs are $1,000, they can only keep $150 - $200. But if they agree to pay higher prices to the hospitals and your claims increase to $1,500, they get to keep $225 - $300. And you have no input into the prices set between the insurance companies and the hospitals.

But there are solutions. We've spent a combined 80+ years on the inside of the “system” holding various leadership positions with health insurance carriers and hospitals. We know how their system works. We're now focused on helping you overcome a health system that is intentionally stacked against you. We can show you viable and secure alternative approaches to managing your employee health plan that will reduce your costs and improve your benefit plan so that your employees can avoid massive medical debt. It doesn’t matter whether you employ 2, or 2,000. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fully insured, or self-funded. Let’s start a no-cost, no-obligation discussion on how you can achieve this. Call us at (815) 742-2066 or (815) 209-8711. Or click the button below to schedule a brief conversation with us. 

In 1990 the Health Care industry was the dominate industry in 2 of the 50 states. By 2020 it grew to be the dominate industry in  47 states., creating a political barrier to economic reform. It's never been more important to align with an expert advisory team who has decades of inside experience in the industry. Now is the time for that discussion, long before your renewal hits you with the next increase.

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