The 3 Principles of a Strategic Health Plan 
 - Health Care Supply Chain Management
- Control Health Care Cost and Quality
- Functionally Change Patient Access to the Health System 

Is your health plan a product you buy, or a strategy you execute that aligns and supports your company’s larger business strategy?

If your health plan is a product you buy it’s easier to understand why your plan benefits decrease and your costs increase every year. If your plan takes more and more of your limited resources within your business budget, you don’t have an insurance problem. You have a business problem. A business problem can’t be solved with an insurance solution. If your health plan is a part of your overall business strategy and supports all aspects of your long-term business plan, you’ll experience decreases in your healthcare spend, lower or eliminate out-of-pocket claims for your employees, and you’ll improve the quality and safety of the health care your employees and families receive. A health plan strategy becomes a valuable corporate asset instead of a continual drain on limited corporate resources.